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Audio Wizard on Zenfone 8 - allow us to just turn it off

Star I
I'm sorry, but the AudioWizard is just bad on decent earphones. Maybe on cheaper earphones it makes sense.
I tried AudioWizard with the following settings: Music profile, flat Equalizer, no earphone profile. That supposedly does not mess with audio output. It still does.
So, I did the rational thing. I enabled the debugging mode on my phone and ripped AudioWizard from the OS with the help of my PC, adb, and a few lines of code in PowerShell. It should not be that hard. Users should be able to just turn the thing off.
Now the phone sounds great, as the great hardware should have sounded from day one. You and your (?) soft, Asus, I swear. I almost sent the phone back.

Star I
I'd also like the ability to turn off AudioWizard. I tried disabling it with adb a few months ago but this seemed to affect battery life so I have it on again now. I didn't notice a massive difference in sound but I just like to have my audio without extra processing.

Star II
Supporting this. Must be option to use standard audio without any enhancements.

Star II
Yes, a on/off is a must.... I don't like this option, on the Zenphone 5 it was way better

Rising Star I
I'm using SoundID, while it isn't perfect it masks it to some extent but yeah, I also noticed a duller sound coming from my headphones compared to my PC output..