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Another bug report - Notification system on different platforms

Star III
Hello staff,
This is my third or fourth bug report for the zenfone 8. This is a minor bug report but still pretty annoying in some cases. I wanted to tell you that the notification system on some apps gets stuck if you're using the same account on different platforms. Let's take an example: i am using telegram on my zenfone 8 and on my PC. This thing is really odd, here's the scenario.
I receive a message on telegram. This happens:
1) if i quickly open the notification from the PC, the notification disappears instantly from the zenfone's notification center. This is how it should be, 100% correct. No notification's icon stuck on the smartphone after reading the message from another platform.
2) if i wait for a bit and i open the notification from my PC after a while , the notification gets stucks on the smartphone's notifications center : the bug relates to the AOD notification system and to the regular notification system ( notification's bar and on-screen notification) . Only way to make the notification disappear is to swipe away the notification or re-open again the same notification you've already read from your PC because the smartphone "thinks" of it as a new message.
I can 100% assure you this is not a problem related to the Telegram app, this has never happened with my other android devices,even with pixel 5 which is almost entering in its public android 12 release.
I'm hoping for a fix for this minor bug as also for the other bugs and problems I've already reported before.

Star III
Just an additional note: this also happens everytime with Gmail. So, as I've already said before, this is a problem related to a wide spectrum of apps. This Bug is 100% caused by bad notifications' management.

Star III
Report after .115 update : problem still not solved.
Notifications still do not disappear from Notification's center after opening them from another platform, AOD is still slow when trying to show up new notifications (it shows them with a 10-20 seconds delay) and notifications do not disappear from AOD even after opening them from another platform.

Star I
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