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Zenfone 8 flip camera not opens

Star III
I need some help.
Camera not possible to flip/open by front-back button.
If I use angles all works properly. Same situation with calibration from settings menu. All smooth.
What could be the reason and how to solve it?
Mechanics of camera should be OK.
Error in PL, in EN it means:
"check if something covers camera"



Community Legend III
Clear the storage & cache of the camera app by long pressing the app icon -> app info -> Storage & cache -> Clear both
Clear cache files sytem-wide by going to Settings -> Advanced -> Mobile Manager -> Cleanup -> Clean
Reboot your device
If the steps above does not help, try and reboot in safe mode and see if you run into the same thing there. (Long press power button -> long press restart button until asked if you want to reboot in safe mode.)

Star I
Similar thing happened to my 7 pro. Opening the default cam is impossible. "Error camera not ready" but opening it with other apps is not a problem (but the images are inverted vertically.. the motor works fine)

Did all reset possible to the device but still nothing.

Hope someone could fix this

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