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Unable to downgrade Android 12 to 11

Star II
Hi, I am unable to downgrade from Android 12 to 11 by downloading official firmware and placing it in internal root directory as per instructions. Nothing happens at all and I would like to trigger the downgrade file. Thanks

Rising Star I
You sure you got the right firmware version??? 🤔

Star II
I just realized and found out by accident that the downgrade file is mispelled in the Asus website, it is suppose to be in the format UL-ASUS_I004D-ASUS but it was only UL-I004D-ASUS only so it never triggers the downgrade even if it is in the root directory. Needs to be EXACT file format. Thought it might be useful to others as the dual sim mobile data 5G is skechy on Android 12 and randomly cuts off.

Rising Star II
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