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Camera panorama bug. More than 360 degrees

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When I make a panorama in the stock camera app (Version I get a picture with a resolution of 12960x2560 that takes more than 360 degrees. I do a little more than 1 rotation, as a result the panorama has a seam and a repetition of part of the picture. I thought the bug would go away after the update, but the problem remained in the 11 and 12 and 13 versions of Android



Hello @mracobes 


Can you share a screenshot? also please try to clear the camera app cache by following these steps:


1. setting> Apps & notifications -> SEE ALL xxx APPS -> Camera ->  Storage & Cache -> execute CLEAR CACHE.


Additionally, please try to enter safe mode to test if the camera app works correctly. 

clear the camera app cache did not change the situation

safe mode have same problem

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Community Manager
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