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Battery drain - Android System

Hi, recently I bought a brand new ZenFone 8 flip and I have a battery problem. It is draining so fast that I have to charge my phone sometimes twice a day, can anybody help me please. As you can see, the battery is affected the most by Android system...

pyro3224 by Star I
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Missing feature Smart group

I've been using ROG Phone 2 in the past and there is this particular feature called Smart group where it automatically groups the apps in a folder by category. I just bought this Zenfone 8 Flip and notice that this Smart group feature has been remov...


When are you launching this product

Hi Guys, When are you launching the Zen 8 series in India cause Im losing my patients. I was waiting for this product to launch to make my decision to buy 3 phones and if it doesn't launch soon enough, I will be looking elsewhere.Cheers

Resolved! Do ZenFone 8 flip phones have the MMS bug

I use , currently, a ZenFone 7 and was about to update to the ZenFone 8 but I am a bit weary as my phone has been having trouble sending MMS,s .My question,, does the ZenFone 8 have trouble sending MMS,s still or have they fixed the bug .I am not sur...

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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Phone open suggest

Hi Asus,In my ZenFone 8 flip defined three opening options:1. Face recognition, 2. FingerPrint, 3. PasswordWhile I open my phone for some reason the phone is asking to release the camera lock, after that his asking for the password, and then the fing...

FingerPrint sensor doesn't work well

Hi guys,I have some issues with my finger print sensor.Most of the time I can't open my ZenFone at the first try, getting messages that finger print sensor is dirty.In addition, at the non straight angle there is no chance to open the phone (same ang...

Asus Zenfone 8 Flip battery sucks

I am using my new Asus Zenfone 8 Flip a few days. I am disappointed. I use it normally as all my other phones, a bit of videos, a bit of photos, browsing youtube. Half a day and the battery is flat. The screen was 60 Hz. Battery settings: Optimal/Dyn...

Oleksii by Star I
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Asus ZenFone 8 flip + portable usb-c monitor won't work?

A few days I am testing my new Asus ZenFone 8 flip and every day I find more and more things that disappoint me.So today I've found out the phone doesn't support connection with my portable monitor with usb type-c (you know, this new generation of fa...

Oleksii by Star I
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Logout apps by itself

I encout with a problem two applications (maybe more) somehow logout by itself.First one banking app (Bank of Melbourne) does not 'like' fingerprint sensor. Each time I return to the app it askes me to go through the full process of login (which insa...

Oleksii by Star I
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