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Zenfone 7 dropped in water, saved and working fine but worried about the camera.

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Hey forum, I've got a situation with the camera of my Zenfone 7. Mine is about to turn 1 year of use and I really like it, it's a very, very solid phone overall.
The thing is, about 1 week ago I dropped it full into water in my bathroom sink. Was able to turn it off immediately and bring it to a phone tech specialist I know.
To my surprise, he was able to open it, replace some transistors and pins, reassemble it back again and it's working perfectly fine, except for a small little thing: the camera makes weird vibrations when retracted or sometimes when I pick it up.
I've recalibrated the camera and seems to be a bit better, but now I'm mostly worried about the water that had contact with the camera hardware. Would it be safe to apply lubricants like wd 40? How would you do it? Any other chances to prevent further problems or weathering of the camera engine? Thank you all!

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Update: I wasn't having any problem with the camera until a few minutes ago. Whenever I try to switch to front camera, it says 'make sure there is nothing obstructing the camera and try again', but when I choose between the different angles it works fine, even when I turn it completely around using the volume up key. I tried this both in the camera app and instagram, happens the same in both.
The last update was just a day or so ago, may it be software or is the camera engine just jacked? Thank you for your help.
Firmware version is
Security patch 2022/02/05

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Certainly the water drop could have done a little damage to your Zen 7 device. It's not waterproof sooo.. keep it in mind that engine could be damaged. The water could have entered in the little spot where sound comes out. Try to format, restart but before the reset try to delete the cache and data settings of the Asus camera app. Hope it works ✌️