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Another update, another performance break

Rising Star II
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Firmware Version:
Rooted or not:
Frequency of Occurrence:
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1. Zenfone 7 Pro
3. Not rooted
4. Every f***ing time!!!
5. The whole system
Wtf are you guys doing with the software updates???(excuse the language but it started to happen too often that I lost my patience with this company).
It is the 2nd time when you make an update that breaks phone's performance!!! Now on the latest version of firmware the performance is very slow on this so called flagship.... What should we expect from the A12 meltdown, fireworks or not booting at all??
140 firmware:
143 firmware:

So what's the excuse now and when can we expect a fix?! Please ket me know if you need any logs...though I doubt!


Star III
it's good that I didn't update, I updated to 125 where the problem was huge, I was sorry that I updated because the processor did not exceed 1ghz, ok they came with 140 where the problem was fixed and everything was as before, now when 143 came and I saw "reworked performance settings".. I didn't even think to update it to ruin the software. Asus with every update they make.. they have to ruin something. I won't update anything from Asus. When something runs well, I don't update anymore because I have no reason to if it runs good.
Asus update = more problems.
I don't understand what's the deal with the last updates. They make unnecessary updates for performance, which was perfect before, but volte and vowifi when? Zenfone 8 has a lot of volte updates.

Rising Star II
More than a week and no official response from Asus! Well done guys! Keep it up and you're going to be the next LG mobile division....

Star II
Never again an Asus device, not even laptops or networking

Rising Star II
well I have to admit that i finally also suffer from performance issues, when the device is cool then everything works as it should (90FPS in PoGo) but when I reach somwhere about 42°C (in that game mode overlay) FPS starts to drop but it's not like running @90FPS and giving some dropped frames but FPS varies a's like giving between 50-70FPS and sometimes hitting 90 but sometimes 35, this is definitely not OK as temps used to be the same and I didn't have such behaviour before

Rising Star II
I bumped into the same issue as I described above and frames again very low but temperature in the Game Genie was 38°C this time so it was really weird and I simply killed PoGo and run it again and it was running at full 90FPS so now I don't know if it was caused by the system or by the game itself...I'll monitor that and share the possible cause