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Android 13

Rising Star II
Hi mods,
I'd like to kindly ask you if there is any chance of our device getting Android 13?? I'm aware of the situation that ASUS never promised such long SW support but when I see other manufacturers doing that I think it would be worth considering that. Devices like OnePlus 8 or Samsung Galaxy S20 are/will be getting Android 13 and they're aprox. 6 months older than ZF7. On our market the price of ZF7 wasn't lower than the price of these 2 competitors.
The thing is that there are not that many other devices without notch/punch hole or whatever is it called and tbh I still like my ZF7 (even though it's missing VoLTE and has other issues). I was using the battery management features you included in the system and because of that my battery life is still decent and I can imagine using my device for another 2 years and that means a lot as previously I used to switch my device once a year or once in two years at maximum.
I don't want to throw my money away buying another device if this one is perfectly fine and other manufacturers are providing SW support for similar devices (date of hitting the market, selling price, tier). Resale value of ASUS phones here is rubbish, I'd easily get at least twice as much for S20 or OP8 here and I'd be much more future proofed with these devices as community is also much bigger there. At XDA there are basically no up to date custom ROMs and even if there were I wouldn't be able to fully use the device because of SafetyNet check.
If there is no Android 13 or regular security patches/updates for the next 2 years I definitely won't buy ASUS phone again.

Zen Master III

They won't even give us another security patch so I don't think they will give us android 13 

Community Manager
Community Manager
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