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7 pro without Asus cover vs camera modul

When I bought Zenfone 7 pro I always use manufacture cover with lock for camera. Today I take off it and when I put phone on the table I heard sound like moving camera module. i touched module and its a little moving. Its normal thing or it should be stiff? Im afraid for camera module in future. How about warranty if module will moves more and more..?

Rising Star II
That's normal. If you shake your phone the module is not stiff.

Hmm. Do you know about any case with moving more and more camera module? I tried find in the Intetnet but nothing..

Rising Star II
Check out the rhino shield. It's bulky though.

If its normal (not stiff module) i will try use without any case. This Asus case is making much bigger phone and heavy.. Are you using any case? What about scratches on rear? I had zenfone 3, 5z and all have scratches.. To be honest 3 I used 3 years and none scratches, but wife take it for 2 weeks to her bag and a few scratches.. 5z I had 2 years and 2-3 scratches on rear.. how it is with 7 pro?