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[2022] Long-term experience/review of the ZenFone 7/7 Pro?

Star II
The ZenFone 7/7 Pro has now been out for more than a year, and I'm considering buying it. How has your experience been so far? How is the hardware holding up after (approximately) one year of use?
Please share your long-term experience of the device. I’d be great if you note how long you’ve owned it, and if you’ve encountered any problems/surprises etc.
This will be interesting for both current and potential ZenFone 7/7 Pro owners 🙂
Looking forward to reading your replies!

Star III
Update on the above:
The contact with ASUS (@Karen_ASUS) went as any other contact: initial prompt responses and then stopped replying. I was told by the repair center that the “glass damage extent cannot be explained by weather conditions” (again, only the glass is damaged and it had been in my pocket for almost 2 months following the spontaneous cracks started developing).
Anyways, I had already accepted the 160 EUR repair cost; but the new replacement parts arrived scratched/defective! Tells you a lot about the quality of these parts and how mine "magically" got broken in my pocket.
The phone has now been in the repair center for almost 20 days! ASUS has to win some kind of prize for worst support in the universe. Why does everything need to be so poorly done??

Rising Star II
Dear @miguelsmatos,
Sorry for the late reply. We are still following your case and also ask the repair center to finish your case as soon as possible. For the detail of your case, I'll send you a private message to explain. We apologies for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused you.