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ZenFone 6 Timezone Brazil

Star II
Even if you do not want to use the time zone and manual time, the phone changes by itself. Please resolve this.


Same issue here, even disabling location from Clock, it still gets the wrong time zone :x.

Community Legend I
This issue has been fixed, and will be pushed in an upcoming FOTA.

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I'm having the same issue. It's really annoying. And no matter what I do, it always goes back to GMT -2.

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I am having the same issue. Can't even use the phone paired with the smart watch, somehow it messes with the time on the watch too, no matter what setting i use. Its really an annoying bug. No fixes yet?

Same issue here, and I found a workaround: if you disable the GPS and set date/time amd timezone to update from network, it works correctly.
Now it gets updated to the wrong timezone only when I enable the GPS. It is still pretty annoying and of course should not happen, but at least now I know when it is goning to hapoen.
ASUS, is there a date for this fix? We paid some good money to have a basic issue like this one unaddressed. Do you even realize that for most people the phone is a watch too? I dont have any other way to keep track of time during the day, it is important for us.