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ZenFone 6 Timezone Brazil

Star II
Even if you do not want to use the time zone and manual time, the phone changes by itself. Please resolve this.


Star I
Hey, I'm facing this issue too! Very disappointing! I received the phone on monday and these problems started today (Wednesday).
I tried the same steps described here, it looks like that the Android 10 ignores the manually selected timezone, at first it's look like that was fixed when you manually select the timezone, but after lock/unlock the phone, it gets back to Sao Paulo with GMT -2...
Please fix it ASAP!!!

Star III
@dnlwild I just tried now to use the timezone from the network and it got the correct one now (I'm in Sao Paulo state)... maybe you can try it and see if it works for you too - my network operator is VIVO)

Star III
UPDATE: now the bug is even weirder. If I keep automatic timezone it gets the correct one GMT-3 and after some seconds if changes back to GMT -2 for some crazy reason... very sad to see it not fixed yet...

basically, doesn't matter what I try, it always set this wrong GMT-2 automatically. (even if automatic timezone is not set)

Same issue here. Need to fix asap.

Star III
it is pretty sad that we had a big launch of zenfone 6 in brazil and now have this very basic and bad bug happening for all the users here... it would be nice to have some feedback and estimation of when we'll get a fix for it...