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ZenFone 6 Photo Thread!

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Hey all!

Event is getting near - and we're celebrating by posting the first photo!
Unless indicated, all photos posted by me here will be taken by hand, no tripod. No additional image enhancements made. Taken by average people and not any professional photographer! Basically representative of what everyone can achieve on ZenFone 6! Photos posted may have undergone rotation in a photo editor.

Photos are taken on a pre-production unit.


The first photo is a very challenging scene, straight into the sun , really putting the dynamic range to test.

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Can we add our name in watermark??

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some more shots in bright daylight 

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Zoom x2 , f1.79, window side, a56e1hhxu0mo.jpg

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Clicked this picture in Sarchu (ladakh region of India). I was with a group of people, everyone with fancy phones. What 6z did literally blew my mind and I felt like I've spendy money on the right device. Not gonna name the other phones since they have lower grade or older sensors, but OnePlus 7 also did not give such results. Asus has done something crazy with the camera algorithm.  Do follow me on Instagram @aerialmotographer and thank you @asus for one kick-ass phone. 
This photo is straight out of the phone, captured in pro mode at shutter 32 sec, iso 3200 and auto white balance. r1bntjye8w1p.jpg
In the below photo, it even captured the satellites crossing. Totally unexpected to see in a photo captured on phone. 
Spot the 2 lines in the above photo. Those are the satellites crossing. 
This is my second Asus phone after Asus Zenfone 3 zoom. I loved that phone too but the zenui was so crappy and buggy that it was irritating me every now and then. I still happily used that phone because no other phone had better camera and battery capacity, headphone placement. And this is the best upgrade. 

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v0ai2pbk2pmj.jpg9bbomrcun2aj.jpgI can say best outdoor shooter. Still needs a lot of improvement for indoor shooting with low light conditions.