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Zenfone 6 FastCharge Problems

Hi. I've had my Zenfone 6 for about 4 months and have been having more and more problems with charging. I have always used the original Asus charger and cable that came with the phone. Initially when I plugged it in it would always come up with "fast charging" at the bottom of the screen and charge accordingly. Now when I plug it in I get just "charging" at the bottom of the screen and if I leave it like that, it does not charge (this happened again last night and I woke up with only 36% charge after 8 hours of charging). After repeated plugging/unplugging (about 6 times), I usually manage to get the "fast charging" wording on the screen and then it charges. I have read something about the handshake for fast charging being fragile in Zenfone 6 (???) but the problem seems to be getting worse and I'm worried that it will get to the point when it won't charge. I'm in Singapore and bought it off the net from Taiwan so there is no local support. Is anyone else experiencing this - does it sound like a hardware problem or could a future software upgrade from ASUS help? I'm using the latest software version from Asus version 110. The upgrades haven't had any effect on this charging problem - neither worse or better.
Thanks for any suggestions.


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I haven't seen this problem myself, but have you tried with a different cable, or different charger? What about a "slow charger", do those still work reliably? What about charging from a computer USB port?
If it's reliable with normal charging, maybe you could try a different fast-charger?
I am wondering if it is the phone, or the charger.

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I'm experiencing exactly the same problem. The charge drops down to such a slow rate, that often the LED goes off and it won't charge at all. Did you manage to find a solution for this?
Edit: GSAM shows alternating blue and green lines, indicating that charging goes on and off, which supports the observation of the LED going off...

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me too experiencing this, its so annoying i have to make sure it became fast charging when i plug it, sometimes i just need to unplug and plug the charger from my phone, but sometimes i have to remove the brick charger from the socket and put it in back. told you all this phone is not ready to be sold

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I can understand your problem as I have had exact same problem as you. I bought new third party fast charge adaptor and fast charging data cable which seems to do the trick. Try the brand called Ausmo they make excellent accessories.