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Z6 Speaker problem

Star I
Hi, from one day to another, the main speaker of my Z6  started having problems. With problems i mean that the bass doesn't work. One thing i noticed is that when i start playing a song at first the bass works and i can hear it, but after a second it's like it turns off and what comes out is the song with some little blurred sound. So my question is, is the bass dead or might it be a bug?


Community Legend II

Sounds like a bug. May we know more details about when this is happening - and which app this is related to or if it occurs through all apps playing music (Spotify, Youtube, etc?) ?


Star I
Hi, it happens with basically everything, games, music, youtube...every time some sort of sound comes out, it comes out fine, but after a second the bass disappear and the blurred sound mix with the rest of it. So if there's no bass, like in a whatsapp audio, the sound it's kinda fine, there is a little blurred noise but it's barely noticeable.
I also noticed that when any audio it's over, for like another second, the speaker makes this "bzzzzz" sound, i don't know if that's normal.

I really hope it's not the speaker itself, because the phone  literally is a month old today.