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Would you Recommend this phone in 2023?

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Hey guys

I am in the market for a new phone, and quite frankly the line up of phones for 2020 has been nothing but disappointment after disappointment.

From crazy high prices (Looking at you Samsung and Oneplus) to just poor availability (LG still has no timeline on an unlocked V60), I have been looking back on phones from 2019 that might suit me better.

The zenfone 6 was definitely a stunner for me. Having used a Zenfone 2 before, I do kinda miss Asus and liked some of their touches to the android UI. I have read ZenUI has been toned down quite a bit so that a plus.

So what I really want to know is how is this device working out for you guys day to day? That flip camera is a neat trick, but I like using face unlock and i feel like that motor is just another thing to get worn out and break on me.

Has Asus been better with their updates? The Zenfone 2 kinda left me with a bad taste for Asus and how they handled their updates.