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Very High temperature of CPU

Star III
The thermals of cpu are going high basically it remains 49°C during normal usage and moderators are not also telling that this is either software or hardware issue and also there I am unable to send the moderators private message as their is no option in inbox and  no one is talking about thermal throttlingImage_ https___us.v-cdn.net_6031231_uploads_editor_hz_lw9swbnn40nc.jpg
Image_ https___us.v-cdn.net_6031231_uploads_editor_gb_2w0k3m6uruzv.jpg

Star III

But are u not experiencing heating while charging . sometimes my phone remains very stable but while charging it definitely heats up...check the temperature during charging
During charging every phone heatsup a little bit. That's normal. This phone if overheats, the smart manager in it suspends charging.
I previously was using Samsung galaxy note 8, it also heated up.
Yup that's right but using app the core of cpu is overworking himself see i have attched screenshots at morning and after using any apps
After using app like Instagram