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unlock tool for Zenfone 6?

Rising Star II

Ok, we know now, that Asus is forced to update its bootloader unlock tool and they are saying that it is almost ready and it will be released in the coming weeks/days(hope) Q4.

But does it come to unsupported devices too? like Zenfone 6?

We really need this to zenfone 6, its hardware is great even on 2023 and if Asus itself doesn't want to upgrade its Android, others will, like i want to install omni rom on to my, so i get then great second phone. (i currently have zf8 on my main).

@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS 


Star I

Yeah I want to know this too. I bought Zenfone 6 knowing that it wouldn't get much updates but I could always update it with custom roms in the future. Bit of scummy move to take that away without any notice.

Star III

My ZP6 has been victims of bloated apps for a while with only 64G storage, and this weekend I decided to migrate to a new phone so I can flash a custom ROM and see if I can enable adoptable storage. To my surprise the unlock app is pull off the shelf. I planned to use custom ROM after the official support ends from day 1, so it is a real bummer that I cannot unlock it or flash the OEM firmware. I'm also eagerly waiting for the unlock app's return.

Star II

I have contacted Asus support here in the Czech republic and they think unlocking bootloader will be available till end this eyer (2023).