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Twin Apps - No notifications in whatsapp and a lot of bug sin other apps and functions

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Hi, i´m desapointed with the phone, when i receive it (10 days before) i have start a return process because the call quality is very bad for a phone with this price but after i have canceled the return process buecause i expect  some improvements by firmware but unfortunately not , every day past i find new bugs...
1 - With twinapps , using whatsapp (dual), i don´t receive notifications if the phone is in standby, i only know i have lost call or messages if open the app!
2- Phone call quality is very bad, even after the last update of firmware
3- When i use the phone in my bike holder, receive constantly a notification about the cam ( don´t force the camera) , maybe for the vibration, and the angle cam changes alone...
and a lot of little bugs like notifications, vibration of the case....
Any help for the 3 bugs i have reported?
Sugestions for the next updates:
- Option to change the position of the clock
- Option to use the fingerprint to lock the phone 
- Option to use the home button pressed  to lock the phone , to prevent damage the power button after some use


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Community Manager
Hi @pedrommbarros1
I update my ZenFone 6 to the latest version and test.
1. With twinapps, both Whatsapp notification works well, even in standby mode.
2. Could you elaborate on this issue with more details?
3. In the latest update, you can turn this warning off.

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Hello @@Kris_ASUS  , thank you for you reply
Update yesterday my phone to the last firmware and for now i think the notifications of whatsapp used with twinapps is solved.
But call sound remains very very bad! A simple pone of 30 USD have better sound in call then ZENFONE 6, is a issue Assus need fix because the phone is great but a call is the main function of a obile phone!
Another bug i see is the notifications of all all the other apps, like gmail, normal whatsapp, skpye etc.. is not immediately, takes some time (sometimes 30 seconds - 60 seconds) very strange, and if the phone is with display off (stand by) takes more time, do you know how i solve this issue? its a function to manage batery duration and only refresh data after long period?
This is not problem of the last firmware, even before update i have this issues too.

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Try changing the battery optimization under System settings --> Battery settings
You can also check the settings in PowerMaster Auto-start manager