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The new #1 in DxOMark Selfie ranking: ZenFone 6 !!

Rising Star I
Image_ https___us.v-cdn.net_6031231_uploads_editor_so_hflpy5vddlzj.jpg
In the latest review of DXO, ZenFone 6 scored 98 points in selfie category, 101 in photo category. It's really a breakthrough for ASUS ZenFone series!

Rising Star I
Why it is lagging behind One plus 7pro in DXo rankings? I have seen many tests where zenfone6 is way behind Oneplus and Huawei in night photography even though ZF6 has Sony IMX586.? Ther was a time wen Zenfone2 had a gr8 night camera shots i used it... Hav u guys changed the sensor? 
How In Dxomark Asus is behind op7pro???Op7pro selfie score 86 whereas Asus is 98..??..
For night shots they are pushing updates .but according to Android authority review night shots do come out great

Community Legend II
Please dont confuse the Selfie Camera score being the same as the Rear Camera score, just because we use the "same camera". DxO has different metrics and scales when measuring Rear and Selfie camera modes - and are judging them on different things as well.