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Enable VOLTE in Serbia... Srsly

Star I
Guys, it's being ridiculous to read threads from users all around Europe asking you to establish some sane volte settings for their Zenfone devices. I mean, we all paid for your state-of-the-art phone just to realize that there's no VOLTE service established.

Here where I leave (that would be Belgrade, Serbia) all my friends have VOLTE working, regardless of their platform or phone model...

...And I came to realize that my flagship Zenfone doesn't have it and there's nothinf I can do to fix it.

Seriously? I sold my Google Pixel which had a normal-working volte to buy this phone only to find that I actually downloaded it for double the price! Even some lower-ranking Xiaomis have it working.

Please, make a name of yourselves, you guys are ASUS for god's sake!

firmware: last vsn as of Dec 13, 2022

country: Serbia

operator: MTS