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Problems after Android 11 update

Rising Star II

Let's go 1 year back in time when this Royal Mess they call a smartphone called Asus Zenfone 6 was released (July-august 2019 for me).
I was so damn hyped for this phone I bought it not just on launch day, But literally launch minute. All the promises of a phone that kills the OnePlus 7 in so many ways, Except the OLED display which I could have lived with.

33 days into loving this new phone and all the flashy camera features, the phone suddenly hangs and crashes on me. Gets into a bootloop for 5 minutes before finally turning on again. Happened once and then went away for 2 days so I ignored it. But the frequency kept rising.
Sent the phone for repair, Took 3 DAMN MONTHS to explain the DUMB NIMCOMPOOPS at the Asus service centers that I need a motherboard replacement.
A few months post repair, Same issue, again. Takes me 1 month and money out of my own pocket to get this shithole repaired again. Only to get the same issues one more time.
So I finally decided I'm done with the piece of crap they call a smartphone. They couldn't deliver to me things that I paid for. No HDR on Netflix, No ViLTE, Horrible HDR mode on camera, Non existent low light camera performance, and so many issues that they have just flat out refused to give.
Bought a Note 20 ultra today. Good riddance Asus. Will make sure no one around me ever buys any Asus product.


Rising Star II
Same motherboard issue here,
i gave my phone for service they took 5 months and my warranty was there for 1 more month, and later i had that same issue and gave them for service again, but this time i got it by 1 month ( Im not praising tho ). They messed up my camera, i started hearing sounds in service centre itself. i gave it back to them to fix it. later after 1 week i got my phone i thought everything was perfect. after few days i opened my camera app. camera doesnt focus automatically in most of the cases it stays blur if i move to a different angle. i was soo pissed and sent them a mail regarding the issue. they asked me to go to service centre. i was like are u kidding me, i spent all my money on travelling itself (thrice).. i just gave up, cuz i dont use camera often.