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Phone Crashing and Network Problems AFTER 167 OTA!!!

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Alright, this issue has been shared by multiple users and I haven't seen any assuring replies that it is being worked on. The issue is that the phone has started randomly crashing out of nowhere in no particular situation. It's been twice that the phone has crashed while I was sleeping. After crashing the phone attemps to reboot but is stuck in the reboot logo for 2-3 attempts (The "Powered by Android" and "Asus" logos, you know that the current attempt is successful once you see those bouncy dots underneath Asus logo). Secondly, sometimes the WiFi and Network keep connecting and disconnecting again and again very fast. 
These two issues are being constantly reported by so many users, all of them with the added fact that "This issue started after 167 update" so please don't tell me to go to a service station as this is very clearly a software issue. I've read reports of a couple phones eventually dying after crashing randomly for 3-4 days. I feel like my phone has this time bomb too. Please fix this issue before more phones die out of ignorance

Here's the bug report :

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.167 caused a network issue in Game Genie and .174 was released to fix that issue. This is why we removed .167.

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Nice to know, but you have forgot to mention it (2.Fix GameGenie abnormal network traffics issue) here:

So this "We have stopped .167 FOTA and users should receive .174 directly instead." was not related to motherboard malfunction, but with GameGenie bug.
So the motherboard malfunction can be triggered by any firmware update if the motherboard is defective, right?
So there is a bug in eMMC chip?

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I'm really sorry but the solution to this issue is to contact the service center. The .167 update triggered a motherboard malfunction which only some units have had and it's natural that their owners find their way here.
"Fixing" it with software would only cover up a hardware related issue which will most likely popup later with some other update. You will get a new motherboard when you send it in and I'm sorry you were one of the affected people. You can discuss how to solve this as smoothly as possible with your service center.
I don't think i have an asus service centre near me, cant see any in the uk, im having trouble talking to people at the uk support centre, id appreciate it if you would take a look at my question here: thanks

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I read about this problem today because my phone rebooted by itself without an advise when I was using normally, I bought the phone last week and it had the .174 update but today my phone updated to .189 and look for the problem because it wasn't normal for me to happened that and find this answer and I don't know if I have the same problem with the motherboard.

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My device started having issues after .167 update. Phone started to reboot when idle, 2-6 times a week. I finally sent it to Asus service center last week. I also mentioned this thread and that the cause is probably a faulty motherboard.

Last Friday I got an email saying that my device is being tested. Another email today saying that all the testing is done and device has been sent back to me. It seemed like nothing had been done, so I called Asus. They told me that they’d been running Youtube for two hours without any hiccups so the device must be ok. WTF!?

What a total waste of time. Now I have to wait for the phone to come back and then send it to service center again. Since nothing’s been done it won’t work any better than before. Good job Asus.