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No system updates on zenfone 6 since june 2021

Asus is not providing any system and security updates on zenfone 6 since june 2021.

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And? You can not live or use your phone without it?
New things in Android are not compatible and last thing you want is some buggy workaround.
At least me i am buying phone not because of Android version, but hw and features.

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@brave Yes, i can't use the phone without latest updates. My official app access denied because of security updates. I'm contacting ASUS support center in past 4month & more. But I'm not getting any response from them.

Is there any solution with you.? (In the same phone)

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Well Asus will not deliver any Android security updates to this phone. They allocated all developers resources to support newer products.
Still what app is not working? Microsoft authenticator also Google multifactor Auth is working fine

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