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NFC option missing

Star I
I am on stock andorid 10 on my brand new Zenfone 6 and I am starting to get mad with it. My NFC doesn't work. There is even no NFC option in "Connnected device" setting. WTF is going on with it ? Zenfone 6 is called Premium Phone and it's bugged like that ? I cant believe this. NFC is an essential feature for me, I cant imagine live without phone payments. 
I noticed that sometimes, after several phone restarts, NFC option appears. But I guess it shouldn't be the way it means to work.
It will be very short adventeue for me with this phone I think.


Zen Master III

Looks like hardware issue. NFC can be disconnected or connection is loose. The best you can do is return your phone to service center.

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I agree with this recommendation. NFC cable is loose. They could have carelessly assembled it in the factory or the phone suffered some impact and the NFC connector popped up, but not quite, so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Star I
But if cable is loose, shouldn't it sometimes work and sometimes not independently of system restarts ? I think it more looks like system issue.

Zen Master III
I think it more looks like system issue.
All right, if you think. Have you tried a factory reset?