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My phone is stuck in One-hand Mode Tutorial

Star III
Please see the video. I have enable Android 10's gesture control as someone said that was the issue. My phone is US version.
I first encountered this issue with Version WW-17.1810.1910.63. I have flashed .68's OTA and it doesn't help. I can't really wipe my phone as my phone has 1 irreplacable authenticator.

Star I
It's been over 2 weeks and not even a hotfix for this huge issue that completely locks you out of your phone? Happened to me a few hours ago and I don't have a OTG cable at hand and I'm sick at home. So I can't go buy one either. At the very least within a week of this issue being discovered you should've implemented something that disables the dumb tutorial or not enable people to access 1 handed mode for the time being. This is shameful. Is there any way to use a mouse without an otg cable like through a PC or maybe just disable 1 handed mode through the PC. Anything?

Star I
I had the same stupid issue. I can't believe this is not fixed by Asus..wake up!! bricks the phone and requires us to spend money on a cable to fix!
here is the cable i bought and attached my wired mouse to..thanks to the previous post that showed me how to turn off the one handed mode with the mouse.