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More precise call volume control coming in an update?

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I got a Zenfone 6 and unfortunately had to send it back for a bad headphone jack. While I'm waiting for a replacement, I have a concern about the volume slider during phone calls - it basically goes from 0-25-50-75-100. Not a whole lot of control there - even with a malfunctioning headphone jack, I noticed that I was having to decide between "too low" and "too loud" while on calls, with no in-between available. Are there any plans for allowing more precise volume on calls in a future update?

This is not about earpiece max volume - that was acceptable enough to me.

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Our sound team has discussed this many times. They have actually adjusted the steps in the past, and are currently happy with the amount of gradation between each step. We listen to all feedback, and if enough users request this feature we would be happy to revisit the issue.

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I suppose, I don't get why the volume gradations should be any different than when listening to music. This is really for using earbuds like the ones that come with the phone, moreso than the earpiece.

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The reason is because in a phone call you don't have time. You need to hear what the other person is saying right away. Because of this the steps need to be much less. I understand that you think 4 steps is too little. Maybe 5 is the magic number. The thing is that our devs responsible for calling quality experience thought that this was the right amount. But I will forward your concern and maybe they will reconsider in the future