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Mobile network issue

Star III
I am not getting consistent mobile network, it often switches from 4g to 3g to 2g and vice versa. I am on Airtel India. This issue never occurred on the Galaxy S7. Please let me know if there is a fix or known issue.

Zen Master I
...And made it reappear on top. Well played 😄

Community Legend I
Krish and _jis_, I deleted the comment for you. Sorry we missed that!

Star II
I'm struggling with service issues too.  I'm in the US with T-Mobile (Mint) and just transferred my SIM card over to the Z6.  If I'm outside the house I can call just fine but inside I can't make or receive calls.  I had to pop the SIM back in my Pixel XL to make a call Sunday.  Anything I can do to improve this?  Some sort of carrier provisioning need done?

Community Legend I
T-mobile offers a signal booster that you can install in your home to boost 4G data signals. Perhaps that could work for your use case.