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Microphone issue Android 10

Star II
After upgrading to Android 10 the microphone during a call does not work. The caller can hear me when I use the speaker phone. Call also functions normally after I turn off speaker phone. I have to toggle it on and off for caller to hear.

Sorry if my explanation is bad...


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Discovered another issue... the receiver/earphone doesn't work as well after a 2nd call.

Community Legend I
Can you back up your data and factory reset the phone? Sometimes a big software update can be smoothed out with a reset.
If you still have issues with the receiver after a reset, I recommend contacting your local ASUS repair center.

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Dang that's a really annoying way to see if it'll work... I'll try when I have time to re do everything. I just got this phone last Friday....

Star I
I have exactly you same issue, my microphone does not work... I did reset my phone, Asus Help please!!!