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Major Problems I found in 6Z after 5 days of usage

Rising Star II
1. Rattling Camera- The camera rattles whenever I keep the phone on my bed, table etc. Slight rattling is also there when i am tapping on the upper half of the phone. Asus gives a 'retract' option but it is pretty much useless since post retraction the camera module should not be loose at all. I know they will not be able to fix this since it is a design flaw but that rattling sound every time the phone experiences a slight jerk is very very annoying. 

2. Poor Earpiece-  Another design flaw. The earpiece is fitted inside the camera module and the voice travels through a hole to the user. Result- distorted and weird sounding call quality. If Asus did not have the technical expertise to successfully pull off this design , they shouldn't have. Call quality is something on which no user can adjust. Call quality on earpiece on 6z is absolutely crap.

3 Bottom speaker Distortion-  Overall the asus 6z speakers are loud but the quality is below average. The voice sounds very shrill and shallow.  But the main issue is distortion on low volume from bottom speaker. I don't know how mods are calling it a good quality speaker when its distorting so much at low volume. There are plenty of scenarios in real life when we need to use low volume. The distortion is massive and its not limited to just my device since i have seen similar posts on the forum.

4. UI Lag- Even after being almost a stock android experience, there are micro stutters in the UI everywhere. One plus feels so fluid with the same hardware. Asus's UI is no MIUI that it should stutter. Be it opening the dialer app or settings app, every now and then i can see micro stutters which are completely absent in oxygen os. I tried turning off animations, changing animations to 0.5x, but still the same. Needs optimization.

5.Ram Management-
The average ram usage on my device is 73%. I formatted my set yesterday only with just swiggy and whatsapp installed right now. I even uninstalled the preloaded facebook and instagram. and average ram usage is 4Gb+. This certainly needs fixing. This is supposed to be near stock android experience but sadly it is not.
6. Worse audio performace than Asus 5z in PUBG- The audio performace of 5z was much better as far as pubg is concerned. My bro is using 5z and he could hear footsteps much louder and clearer than my 6z. 1 of the reason of going with 6z was because of the superior audio experience in Asus 5z when playing PUBG. But this 6Z is nowhere near that and I can't figure why break an extraordinary feature/plus point. Each and everytime my brother hears an approaching enemy or car much before i do. He also has more clarity regarding the direction from which he is approaching. 6Z has broken this novel plus point of 5Z.

7. Weak haptic Feedback- The haptic feedback on 6z is one of the worst i have ever seen. the vibration motor is very feeble and does not feel very good. 

8. No HD playback in Amazon Prime video.


Some additional suggestions:
1. Please add feature to choose accent colors in the UI.
2. Please allow to choose gray or black in dark mode.
3. Add the option to activate outdoor mode above the volume bar just like in asus zenfone 5z. Going into status bar everytime is a hassle.



Zen Master III
Does any body have when is the next update we are getting.....some of the competitors have already August patch but still now we are using the June patch
I think Asus had to rethink his priorities due to the HW problem raised by the 167 update. Therefore, Asus soon released patch 174, but had no time to include new security patches. Next update should arrive later this month, at least I read it here on the forum in the moderator reply.

Star I
Totally agree on number #2. The earpiece is terrible, especially if the person your talking to is using speaker or are in a loud environment, I often struggle to hear what people are saying. Also #3. The sound of the speakers are too distorted and if you turn the volume to max the sound breaks and you hear rattling mechanic sound from the bottom speaker. This needs an improvement of some sort, if that's even possible. Still the best phone I've ever had though!?

Rising Star II
Totally agree with that.
One more issue while i am in traffic with earphones and without earphones when i am on a phone call... Many people reported they can hear background sound more than my voice.

Rising Star II
Totally agree with that.
One more issue while i am in traffic with earphones and without earphones when i am on a phone call... Many people reported they can hear background sound more than my voice.
That has to be some faulty noise cancellation.

Rising Star I
Okay. But are you hearing buzzing sound while talking to someone due to loose camera module?
try "calibrate camera angle" option