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Let's come together to Send a collective Legal Notice

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 I bought the zenfone 6z three weeks ago, and five days back it surprisingly crashed and then never turned on. As suggested in this forum i took the phone very next day to service center and from that day, my days of disappointment has started. Five days passed and even today service center are only just to wait for five more days before they can even tell me what has happened to my phone forget about repairing.
Been a user of Oneplus of last four years, it is shocking to see such a miserable product and service for their flagship customers. I am trying to collect the users information now who have faced the same issue to send a collective legal notice to Asus India. Since my endless complaints to their customer care have only gone to vain. I am also in the process to share my experience with Times Internet since my wife works in there.

Yes same here .... My touchscreen has stopped doin multi touch and the network drops are hilarious every half hour my network goes blank... While playing pubg .. sorry i i cant even play pubg with this idiotic china phone whose touch is worse than micromax first gen touchscreens... And the service from flipkart and asus regarding my issues is nill ... I am going to lodge a consumer complaint if the issue is not solved or i get a replacement cux i cant wait for weeks to get my phone repaired unacceptable service and quality at the price point... ASUS DO SOMETHING OR ITS GOING ON YOUTUBE LIVE ON MY PAGE 

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Please share the details like name, date of purchase etc on my email address since i need to take the collective list of plaintiffs in the legal notice

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Similar kind of issue for me also bro..

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Can i know how long service center took for you guys to resolve the issue, if it's even resolved. With me its been ten days already and they still saying asking me to wait for a week ATLEAST