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Lag after 24 hours on update 110......

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So the latest updates is good, however when you use phone continuosly without restart the phone starts lagging after a day of use and it gets worse if you don't restart......Asus you made an amazing product and coming from OnePlus I have to say please focus on your software, it's not polished I find issues and glitches here and there which spoils the entire experience....
I did not face such issue on pie 194 version.

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You must be patient, because fine tuned version 194 was more than the 10th iteration of Android 9, while version 110 is only the 3rd iteration of Android 10 for ZF6.

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Thanks for your help, however I flashed full .110 update and factory reset afterwards, so the issue is definitely with the software. As a lot of users are facing motherboard bug, I just wish I do not face the same and in turn I can bear lags here and there with SD 855. (PLEASE ASUS IMPROVE YOUR SOFTWARE)
After continuous usage of 48 hours, this device gets slower than my older oneplus 3.