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Is VOLTE for USA carriers coming or not?

Star III
I've been patient, but with missed calls from work and family I can't use this phone without some major worry. I also have trouble calling out so I guess calling 911 if ever needed could be difficult. I'm asking because I would rather use this phone I bought instead of buying another phone to fix the issue.

Zen Master I
Would love to hear some feedback from Asus, but being that the phone has been out for months and it hasn't happened plus I don't think they ever even had it on the Zenfone 5, I have great doubts. I have no idea how you release a phone these days without voLTE but live and learn I guess .
I assume (perhaps incorrectly) it hasn't happened because of at least one of the following reasons:
It would cost money for them to do this the official "right" way.
They don't want to "risk" it not working correctly (potential incompatibility issues) and have to deal with complaints and/or any other fallout.

Zen Master I
I'm in an area this weekend that has NO 3G signal for TMobile. Another TMobile compatible device (it is 4 years old) has fair signal because it gets LTE. My Zenfone 6 has had no signal for 2 days. That's not exactly true. I was able to get in the car and drive 15 minutes away from the house and then I could get signal to receive SMS texts 😕. Very lame in 2020. I'm still stupified that this feature can't (won't) be turned on.