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I am 100% satisfied with my Zenfone 6

Star III
I just want to bring a little positivity to this thread
I'll start with software. I am happy that I got Android 10 & then Android 11, I didn't have any bugs or issues, my Android 11 is solid, everything works, no bugs, the phone is the fastest it's ever been. I want to thank all the developers for the sw support, Android 11 works flawlessly for me.
And now I'm gonna talk about the phone itself.
Why I chose the Zenfone 6? It was easy. I wanted:
Flat display
3,5mm headphone jack
No display notch (or punchhole)
At least 8GB of RAM
Flagship processor for games & smooth, powerful experience (Snapdragon 855 is plenty powerful even to this day)
Micro SD card slot or at least 256 GB of internal storage (ZF6 has both)
Reasonable price. I didn't want to pay $1000 for a smartphone (ZF6 in 8/256 variant cost me $700, which is still a lot, but reasonable with prices these days)
Zenfone 6 was literally the only smartphone on the market that met my criteria. So I bought it, in the 8/256GB variant, and I am happy that I did.
And even to this day, there aren't too many phones on the market with this featureset. There are actually only few:
Sony Xperia 1 II (expensive AF), Xiaomi Poco F2 pro... And that's about it. There also was the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K29 Pro), but it wasn't sold in 8/256 variant in my country. 6/128 wasn't quite enough for me, so I skipped it.
That's why I want to keep my Zenfone 6 for as long as possible. Every single other phone on the market misses at least 1 of my feature requirements (most often it's the 3,5mm jack, that includes the ZF 7 & 7 Pro). Also, 99% of the phones have notches & punchholes in the displays these days, I hate that.
Zenfone 6 also brings me a lot of little stuff that doesn't shine on the spec sheet, but it's very useful in daily life, for example: glove support, LED notification light (rarity these days), smart key. The smart key is unique feature, I use it every day, it's sad that Asus dropped it in ZF7. I also like the display, I love AMOLED panels, but the LCD in ZF6 is so good that I don't mind not having OLED. Also the LCD will never get burn-in issues, so that's good. Also the speakers are very good, I like the fact that you can EQ the sound output of the speakers. Many smartphones do have EQ, but it's limited to headphones only. It just simply seems like whoever designed the ZF6 actually used their brain to design it properly.
So to conclude my post: I want to thank everyone involved in developing this phone & all software developers for their work, I am one satisfied and happy customer. I love my ZF6 and I don't want any other phone. When I'm gonna be buying new phone in the future, it's definitely going to be ASUS again.

Star II
I join in, I've never had a problem, I already have a 4 type ASUS and everything was always fine, it just wants to improve the camera in poor lighting conditions - at night.

Star I
I have a limited edition 12GB/512 GB 3 yrs warranty +128 GB SD which is perfectly for me 🙂 I'm a little bit obsessed with space, now I'm cool 🙂
So next phone would be zenfone 9/10 with lot of space 😄
I'm still on the latest 10 (if it ain't broke, don't fix it). Battery is good. Whole day for me.
Camera could be faster (kids and pets are blurry), night photos could be brighter.
I had problems with random restarts, but after changing the photo module (I broke it) and factory reset, phone stills.
Only one thing is scaring me. Long start after turn off. Not working from first time. If I turn the phone off (not reboot) i can't turn the phone on at first attempt. Maybe on fifth or tenth attempt. It makes me scared, that’s phone is bricked.