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How to put emojis on pictures using PicsArt?

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Hello everyone!
I have just downloaded PicsArt for my Zenphone 6, do you know this photo editing application? This is the first time I use an application to edit photos, please help me answer

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Here are few simple steps you can follow it easily
-Step 1: Choose the + icon -> 1 message appears to request access to Photos, select OK to agree -> Proceed to select the image you want to insert the icon
-B2: move the toolbar and choose to Sticker function
-B3: Select favorite icons, icons for the selected picture. After customizing like that, click Apply -> Next.
Also, if you want to unlock a free Gold member to use other premium features from this app, you can download PicsArt mod apk at TechBigs, this is a safe and free download link for you https : //

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Hey there! Welcome to the exciting world of photo editing with PicsArt! :party_popper:It's awesome that you've chosen PicsArt for your Zenphone 6 - it's a fantastic app with a ton of creative features.

To add emojis to your pictures using PicsArt, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your Image:
Start by opening the image you want to edit in PicsArt.

2. Tap on 'Sticker':
Look for the 'Sticker' icon, usually represented by a smiley face or a folded paper. Tap on it to open the Sticker menu.

3. Browse Emojis:
PicsArt typically provides a variety of stickers, including emojis. Browse through the options until you find the perfect emoji for your photo.

4. Adjust Size and Position:
Once you've selected an emoji, you can adjust its size and position by using the pinch-to-zoom and drag gestures.

5. Blend with the Image:
To make the emoji blend seamlessly with your photo, try adjusting its opacity. This option is usually available in the same menu where you found the stickers.

And voila! You've just added an emoji to your picture using PicsArt. :camera_with_flash::sparkles:

By the way, if you're into photo enhancement on iPhone, you might want to check out the Best Photo Enhancer for iPhone. It's another fantastic tool with advanced features for refining your pictures. Have you had a chance to use it yet? Share your thoughts if you have!"

Feel free to ask if you need more help so visit the trusted source!

Hello, please let us know if you were able to resolve this. Thank you!