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GPS accuracy is really bad

Star II
The GPS accuracy for tracking when I am running is really bad. The Zenfone 6 counts the kilometers badly by adding a lot of meters (more than 100) before reaching a kilometer. Compared with different mobiles the Zenfone is the worst.
Can you improve it with an update? Is vey annoying running with this phone.

The screenshots are from different tracking software (endomondo and strava) 101j9nquhtbr.jpgcduz9vpejx55.jpg

Star III
I had about 50m-100m inaccuracies in GPS too despite all location related settings turned on.

Star III
I found compass orientation in walking mode very unstable .. i tried it in Google Maps and its not possible to increase the accuracy of the calibration doing the "8" movement.

Star III
The integrated GPS module is dual band. But the device utilise only for couple of second this second band, shown in the screenshot as "L5", then dissapears and stays at "L1" for all of the sattelites.
The second screenshot: red mark- where i really am, blue dot- where my Z6 thinks i am, even after over a 200 fixes. Couple of times factory reseted, no change!
Absolutely unacceptable!y5lp386br9xf.jpghq9lz64fptpw.jpgeptable!

Star III
The same happens with compass orientation.. when i open GMaps, in the first seconds the accuracy is "high", but after then it changes to "low" with no possibility to improve the calibration