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Enhancement request for AudioWizard

Rising Star I
Let's be honest audiowizard tuning is awesome. The listensing profile and device profile really helps in bringing out the music.
But each device that we connect will have their own listening and device profile. Eg: I have a 1)bt speaker 2)tws earphone 3)bt headphones. All three have different profiles. Everytime I connect any of these I have to manually change the profile for these devices. It would be really cool if we could assign these profiles to the connected devices also. I know may be possible cause when I connect my zenear buds the audiowizard detects it and changes the profile to zenear pro. In a similar fashion would it be possible for other devices also?

Another minor thing in the equalizer is I am not able to save multiple custom profiles. Any changes we make only gets saved as "custom", there is no provision to save multiple custom multiple eqs which are needed for the same reasons as said above.


Hall of Fame III
Thanks! We will consider these suggestions