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Enabling the apps to transfer to external storage.

Star II
As the device is lack of much storage like other brand new devices. They are capable of 128gb or more. But Asus zenphone 6z is having half of the regular devices now in market.
Asus zenphone 6z capable of extending memory by inserting sd cards just to transfer images and videos not to transfer applications. Then why the use of inserting sd card. Where is extensive use of it. Instead we can transfer these to PC also to clean up the memory of phone.
So please developers who are working sincerely for customer satisfaction and to make user experience better kindly enable the option in apps to change the storage location of app to sd card and vise versa.

Zen Master III
Hi there, we have made a note of the feedback and will share it with the relevant team.

Star III
Until the official updates are made, you can use app such as Link2SD to move system apps to external storage