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Custom notification sound

Star III
I wanted to use a custom notification sound but the phone won't allow me to select the file & gives the error message shown in the screenshot. The sound file
was originally an mp3 file but I converted it to ogg just in case the zenfone 6 didn't like mp3's. Any suggestions for how I can use the sound?
The error comes when I use the '+' button & then the file manager to select the file location in the Notifications folder on internal storage. Original file is also attached.


Rising Star II
If possible you could try using Google sounds, third party app, to check whether adding your own tone would work or not.
Maybe it's because your SMS.mp3 is bit lengthy.

Star III
I want to use the same sms notification sound I had on my Zenfone 5 & before than an LG G4, why would it not work on the 6? It's 10 seconds long, don't think that's exactly lengthy!

Zen Master III
Just use original sms.mp3, because ZF6 has no problems with mp3.

Star III
I tried the mp3 file first as mentioned then tried converting it to ogg but both were rejected.