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[Clarified] FM radio

Star III
One of the reasons I got the 6 was the FM radio. It works but I seem to have to turn it on/off three times before it starts playing? Could somebody check this to see if it's some weirdness with my phone or a bug.

Star III
I tried that but had to do the on/off sequence again before I heard anything through the headphones. It's very strange, never works on the first attempt, sometimes works on the second but always on the third.

Community Legend II
I'm trying some things here on a device as well;

Could you try to go into FM Radio app - and dont exit it. (Check your volume is not muted)
Just wait.
Does the audio come after perhaps 6-7 seconds?

Rising Star II
just wait it takes 4-5 seconds before you hear anything.. its kinda delayed but it works

Community Legend I
After my phone scanned for stations, it started playing after a 5 second delay or so. This was the first time I had ever launched the app.
I'm located in the US, FW version .189.

Star III
Hello folks.  I am unable to find the fm radio. Where is it located. I am on 191. From India