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charging port is unreliable

Recently I have been having issues with my charging port. Sometimes when I plug it in it works fine other times I only get slow charging and other times I get a notification that it is charging and then it stops immediately after. I thought it could be the cable at first, but I have tried multiple cables and it happens with all of them. I'm very concerned because this could be a hardware issue and I don't plan on getting a new phone anytime soon.

Zen Master I
In the last few days I have been having issues. I've tried 4 different cords, one of which was the Asus cord. With all of them they will charge initially but within 1 to 2 minutes the current will drop to negative charging. The only way I could get it to charge last night was by turning it off. Here is a one minute screen record of the dropping current while attached to a 2.4A charger.
When using the stock charger and cable and keeping the phone on a cold block to prevent overheating, it slowly builds up to over 2000mA but then drops down and struggles to stay close to 1000mA.
I've never had any of these problems till a few days ago it seems.
Edit: The last few times I've charged it seems to have been ok. Here's hoping it was just something weird on that day or two.

Zen Master III
Check your USB port for dirt.