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Call issue

Star III
Is it just me or do i need to change any settings?
When i am on a call and i get another call which is on waiting..but before me answering the 2nd automatically answers the 2nd call without me swiping to answer...! Hope it makes sense to what i said..!

Star III
It is really happens on android 10 also..! Was on a call and suddenly another call came and it answered automatically and put other person on call..any fix plz??

Hall of Fame III
Could be... you have "Hands up" enabled in Advanced -> Gestures. So you're in a call, you hear there's another caller, you wonder who, look at your phone, move it back up to your head and this triggers it to answer that call too.
I can ask our devs if we can make it so that this feature is only active for the first call.

Star III
Yes please..thnx