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Bluetooth visibility

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I have a ZenFone6 with Android 10. I just realized I cannot control the bluetooth visibility of my phone. I noticed that my phone is only visible if I'm currently in the bluetooth page and the screen is on.
This is a problem for me, I often use an app which confirms my physical location by bluetooth visibility, and this is obviously not working now.
Does anyone know how to change this behavior? Is there a setting for this?
Best regards,

Hall of Fame III
System settings -> location -> wifi & bluetooth scanning -> enable bluetooth scanning

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Hi Anders,
Thanks for the reply, but that's not it. (I have these options enabled btw). My problem is the other way around. A server application (from a server computer) wants to know if I'm physically really in the vicinity. My presence is confirmed when the server can discover my device's bluetooth id.

I attached a short video to demonstrate the problem (left is my computer screen, right is my phone. The phone is only ever discoverable when I'm in the bluetooth settings).
Best regards

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Just pair your PC with your phone.

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It's not my PC what should see my phone. I just used that, to demonstrate the problem.