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Has anyone replaced their original ZF6 battery?

After years of careful charging and battery management, my ZF6 battery needs replacement as well as the usb board, as the port connector had become wonky... I've obtained replacement parts and have watched the available teardown videos, but am not cl...

Камера медленно запускается, чёрный экран

При открытии камеры телефона ZS620KL раньше запуск был мгновенно. Сейчас же проходит 10-15 секунд, в это время экран чёрный, но я могу открыть настройки слева и справа (тоже с большим лагов в 2-4 секунды). Оплата QR не проходит, т.к. сторонние прилож...

teomoto by Star I
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Meu Rog 6 quando gravo vídeo fica sem áudio

Fui gravar um vídeo e fica sem áudioNão sei se é configuração, mas foi a primeira vez que fui gravar um vídeo, e o telefone tá com som normal pra outra funções 

asus zenfone 6 (or 6z) black screen with asus logo

hello, i have and asus 6z device, from last 2 days its not turning on , when i am plugging it to its charger only asus logo is showing, its not moving furthur.i tried to hard reset it with key but no help.please help me out if anybody have any soluti...

Would you Recommend this phone in 2023?

Hey guysI am in the market for a new phone, and quite frankly the line up of phones for 2020 has been nothing but disappointment after disappointment.From crazy high prices (Looking at you Samsung and Oneplus) to just poor availability (LG still has ...

My flip camera is not working perfectly

So its been 4 years I have been using the zenfone 6 still far no issues but from recently I am facing the camera's tint and green line sometimes and even the camera does not flip when I try to I even try to calibrate it but still it's same.I even dow...

Zenfone 6 camera keeps unlocking on its own

I read in the manual that the camera can be activated by tapping on it but I can never do it. However it does come unlocked and I wonder if this done in software that I could change or is a hardware issue I can't do anything about.

skeet5 by Star I
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