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Home button lag

I have been noticing a half-a-second lag whenever I press the Home button to come out of apps. Initially I thought it is the fault of the default launcher, but it seems to happen with all 3rd party launchers. Is anybody else experiencing this? Asus T...

Frequent crashes and device auto toggling airplane mode

So the phone goes into a loop of doing the following since past few days -- Keep toggling airplane mode. The button does not toggle but WiFi and sim networks toggle- The phone then keeps restarting for 5 minutes straight.How can I report or debug thi...

FOTA Update (WW_16.1210.1906.156_0

I recently updated my phone to the latest update (India) and sadly, my phone's become a whole lot buggy since the original firmware version. The camera crashes on the camera app and other third party apps. If the crash wasn't enough, it's putting it ...

Asus Zenphone 6 Password Acceptance issur

I do have purchased new zen 6 and its been a month.Currently i m facing problem as my fingerprint is not being accepted neither my main Lock screen pin is being accepted as i m putting right Password PIN. Really trapped dont know what to doKindly hel...

Photo @48MP

Photos taken on 48 MP, either from front or back camera, seems wiered.  

Unresponsive screen

The screen on zenphone 6 just freezes . Does not respond to any touch. I have to use power button to turn screen off and on again. Is anyone facing this issue ? I am in refund period and am seriously considering returning. Rest all device is ok. Just...

Deep Sleep Battery Drain

I think phone may have problem on deep sleep. I have 7-8 % drop overnight  from 00:00 to 07:00 with scheduled super saved mode (no  internet no wifi).