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Asus Gallery App

is it possible to add video editor functionality into the Asus Gallery appKinda like this 3DLUT mobile - Apps on Google Playbut supports: 4K60 VideosHDR10/HLG VideosTrimmingCroppingadding text overlaysso basically this https://play.google.com/store/a...

defcomk by Star II
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Camera improvement for night mode.

Hi Asus team,The camera performance at low light is not upto mark. Can we please have more better version of Night mode in order to capture more clearer and balanced night images. Images at night mode are bit noisy and not accurately balanced. Regard...

Analogue Clock

Hi, I just received an update. Prior to the update I had an analogue clock on the lock screen. How do I get it back?

rfa by Rising Star II
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Wifi disconnecting problem

Hi i am having this issue since day 1 with Asus 6z is that wifi connection keeps disconnecting itself randomly and the culprit i think is dual band wifi with same SSID. I have mi router pro and both bands have same SSID and i think Asus 6z is unable ...

paras0710 by Rising Star II
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Google cam Brightness issue in Asus6z

Whenever I'm using the Gcam mod in Asus6z, after clicking a picture, the picture gets automatic Brightness Boost which makes the picture very poor. The Portrait mode and some other modes are also not working. How can I solve this issue??

Warranty Support

What kind of global support does ASUS offer for the ZenFone 6?I travel a lot so would I be stuck if something goes wrong in another country? My sister had a problem with her ZenFone and Customer Support refused warranty service and said to contact C...

When I will get my phone or replacement or refund??

For fluctuations and dark screen issue I visited nearest Authorised Asus Service Center....Baught on 14 August submitted to service center on 30 th August , they said in this condition motherboard has to replaced ... today on 15 the September I am in...

Asus 6z abnormal crashes very often and now not booting at all

Hi all,I'm using Asus 6z(flip camera) since 3 months. I've ordered the phone on the day of its release in India.First month everything went wel.. But somewhere around jul 26 I've got an update and from that update I've been facing the issue of abnorm...

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