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Zenfone 6 support going forward

With the Zenfone 7 coming later this year can we expect the Zenfone 6 to still get all these updates as fast as now? Or will we suffer the fate like the original rog phone and get almost no updates at all? ;o

Unlocking the bootloader crashes fingerprint reader

Hi, well, again, this time with another problem. I've unlocked my bootloader using official ASUS tool and since then anything that uses fingerprint crashes (Settings, OneTimeInit). Does anybody know how to restore it's functionality while maintaining...

ColorSage by Zen Master I
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Best Screen Protector

Please help us to find the best screen protector either on AliExpress, or Amazon, or banggood. So far I have personally tried purchasing the different screen protectors, and one with black edges is covering the sensors, one with no edges is too small...

woA by Star II
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Cant create icons/shortcuts for work profile apps on home screen

when created, these app icons or shortcuts stay for some time and then dissapear back into the app drawer, Another way of replicating this error is to restart the phone after creating an work profile app icon on the home screen and checking if the ic...

.129 update feedback

Hi. I want to say that the new update is awesome! Phone finally runs faster, just like it should to run. Only two problems are still present: Chrome sometimes hanging - I can't scroll and write anything. After few seconds it backs to normal. Problem ...

Is battery life getting worse?

Not sure if it actually is, but i usually still has 40% at the end of the day now it's about 20%

USB for file transfer

Prior to the Android 10 update I remember the phone asking each time I plugged it in what USB mode I wanted to use. Doesn't do that any more & all the USB options are greyed out. Anyway to get back the option to use USB for file transfer?