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Flip camra calibration problem

I tried to calibrate the flip camera as per the direction given in settings.but it failed every time and trust me i have done many times.. In vertical calibration it's fine but in horizontal calibration it usually fails in 2nd ..iteration (as u noe f...


asus 6z not starting now.

my asus 6z phone is not starting now. its gets restart frequently and gets stuck on asus logo only. but now it is not starting at all. asus team please help to resolve this issue asap.

Bluetooth visibility

Hello,I have a ZenFone6 with Android 10. I just realized I cannot control the bluetooth visibility of my phone. I noticed that my phone is only visible if I'm currently in the bluetooth page and the screen is on.This is a problem for me, I often use ...

Chrome and Youtube reinstalls themselves after disabling them.

So i have uninstalled youtube and google chrome from my device multiple times as i use Brave and vanced instead of them.i have disabled auto updates from playstore. After a few hours of uninstalling and disabling these apps they reinstall themselves ...

Asus zenfone 6 Phone screen glitches.

Need some help!!!! So my phone has some screen glitches, its been a issue that i faced recently. Iam not really sure why it happened tho.. The phone was working fine. So the issue is i get these lines used to be green lines but now its just a white m...

Breeze by Star I
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Video call through phone dialer

The biggest concern about this device is the direct video call feature is missing when other midrange device are giving this feature.. totally disappointed about the reason for asus. Plz resolve this issue

quiet sound after new update

after the new update the sound level during ringtones has decreased, while listening to music, it is quiet and dirty, what are you doing Asus, it was good and it's bad

Reduce Heat and Stable FPS

For those who experienced heat issue and fps drop try developer option, and go to game driver preferences, select your game and change default into Game driver. It works on Honkai impact 3.