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Asus zen phone 6 not charging

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I previously made a post and received no response. My Asus zenphone 6 recently started not charging all the way to 100 percent. Last night the phone was plugged in all night and only charged to 49 percent. I unplugged and it dropped to 48 percent I plugged back in and it recharged to 49 percent again and stopped charging. Some days it will charge complete to 100 percent and other days it randomly stops at any percent. Is anyone else having this issue and are the developers working on a fix?

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This is most likely a hardware issue. Please try charging from a different source, both cable and charger or perhaps from a PC if available.
If the problem is still present then the phone needs to be examined at an ASUS service center. If the problem is not present when you change the charging hardware, you likely have a faulty wire. Your warranty will cover a replacement, but for that you would have to get in touch with your local support team as well.

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Thanks for the help, I'll try to find another cord and see if that fixes the issue. I did forget to mention that the LED indicator turns blue indicating it's fully charged even when it only charged to 39 percent.